Best FIFA 17 Formations and Tactics

How good are you in FIFA 17? Do you outmatch every opponent that you meet or are you the type of player that accepts failure? When it comes to playing this game online, there is no room for excuses. But even though you are willing to beat every player that you match up with online, you tend to loose from time to time.

This is because you didn’t plan your strategy and prepared your tactics ahead. Preparation is half the battle won. If you want to become the ultimate champion in FIFA 17, you need to study strategies and tactics. There are a couple of ways to go about it, and they are all within your reach. So without further ado, let’s dive into learning those tactics and acquire this invaluable knowledge.

Adapt or suffer defeat

One thing that can ruin your good run in FIFA 17 is when the opponent changes tactic. You might’ve scored a couple of goals and got the lead, but once they start changing their approach, you’re doomed. This is actually quite simple to evade and once you learn how, and your opponent can never successfully use this technique on you again.


So you have a formation that’s not only efficient, but getting incredible results in terms of passing the ball to your striker and keeping the possession? Unfortunately, some players will see right through that strategy and find a pattern. Once they do, they will counterattack your every move, reversing the situation.

Luckily you can also adapt, but don’t be too quick to do so. Let the opponent think that you’re following your old strategy so you can figure his. This way you won’t reveal your new cards and give your opponent a chance to predict your next move.

Useful attacking formations

To get the most of your team, you need to work on that charisma. Yes, you’ve guessed it, those green lines that connect your players represent charisma between them. With the main resource in the game, you can buy players that are more compatible with your current formation. Also, make sure that you get free FIFA coins and points and further improve your charisma by placing those top players in the right position.

Fighting fire with fire

If you’re looking for a good counter-attacking formation take a look at the 4-3-3, specifically the second and forth variation, and figure out which one suits you best. It’s also advisable to memorize those and similar formations so that you can figure out what your opponent is up to before the match even starts.

Possession and domination

Looking for a decent possession formation? If you want to dominate the field, and really work with that passes to score the goal 4-2-2-2 is the formation you’re looking for. It gives you just enough time to exploit those passing windows and get the ball in the net.


It’s great for defending as well for attacking but bear in mind that it’s not most effective for counter-attacking. Make sure that you use the right players as well if you want to get the full potential of this one.

Players with good passing abilities are what you’re after. So anyone that has decent crossing and short pass skills will do. Their long passing skills won’t be that much important as you’ll focus on quick and efficient short-to-medium passes.

A well balanced formation

If you’re still new to FIFA and want to use a universal, well balanced, formation you should go for 4-2-3-1. This will give your team decent attacking as well as defending, and counter-attacking abilities.It’s an extremely well-balanced formation, so you will be a target for those that focus solely on counter-attacks and attacking. Then again you won’t have many problems with continuing your pace once the ball is in your possession.

Impenetrable fortress

So you got the lead and want to keep it that way? This is when you place all your bets on a good defense strategy. And what better formation for this and similar situations then 4-3-3 (3). This will give your team incredible defense abilities.


Players that focus on hard attacking strategy, or counter-attacking for that matter, won’t find it easy to penetrate your defense. It won’t matter how well organized and precise their passes are, your players will simply overcrowd the defense line. Playing with this card from the start is also a wise move, but only if you have sturdy players with high physical stats in your team.

Take look at Manchester United and what Mourinho is doing every time they are up against a formidable opponent. They have a strong defense, and once the opposing team’s stamina is drained, their attackers play the game of cat and mouse with the goalkeeper.

Know yourself and your enemy

Just like the great military strategist Sun Tzu said, know yourself and your enemy, and you won’t have to fear the result of a hundred battles. The same rule can be applied to football, or more precisely in FIFA 17. Play with your friends before playing against top players online.

Make sure that you know your best strategies as well as your opponent’s. Try different approaches and figure out which one is most suitable for a particular situation. Learn from every defeat, analyze the situation and prepare appropriately. Familiar with the expression ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me’?


Don’t let the defeat to influence your morale. Find a way to adapt to the situation or if you’re losing already learn as much as you can from your opponent without being humiliated. And no matter what you do, or how confident you are in your strategy and yourself, don’t underestimate your opponent.

This is the fastest way to defeat. Don’t let a couple of goals feed your ego. Also, make sure that you’re aware of your surrounding players and those of your opponent. Once you’ve got all these things right, no online player will be able to match you.

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