Discover New Features in FIFA 17

FIFA is the most popular football simulation in the world for many years back now. They have always worked hard to present us with the best and most realistic football simulation on the market. FIFA games come out once a year, and they always push the limits further by adding new features and making this video game as real as possible.

In the past couple of years, we have seen huge improvements in gameplay, graphics, and overall player’s experience. We always think that the current game is perfect and that nothing else can be added to make it even better, but FIFA keeps surprising us year by year. So, what can we expect from FIFA 17?

EA Sports are the company behind FIFA and other sport simulation games. They have made an appearance at Gamescom earlier this year where they revealed new details on FIFA 17. The crowd was waiting patiently to find out the new features of the game, and we can say that they were more than happy after the presentation was over.


FUT Champions is the newest addition to Ultimate Team mode. Players from around the world will get their chance to show their skills in weekend tournaments. The best of those players will get an opportunity to compete in the FUT Championship Series which has a prize pot of 1.3 million dollars. Everyone can get a shot at the prize if they are skilled enough to come that far.

FIFA has been perfecting its online multiplayer mod since it first appeared. The servers and the gameplay are working great, but they have been missing something to bring the entire experience to a new level, and that is FUT Champions. The idea behind this mod is to motivate players to work on their skills as they play against other players and make their way to the huge prize money.

After picking your team and players, you get to compete against other players. The first step is to qualify for the weekend league. The global leaderboards give you a clear view of how many wins and goals you need to enter the league. Once you succeed, you will get to play against other players that are more skilled, which makes you work on your skills and the is no doubt that getting a huge amount of free FIFA 17 coins from our website will help you a lot. The gameplay has more value and dynamics. You know why you are working so hard to become the best at FIFA.

The best players of the world will then get a chance to enter the FUT Championship Series, which offers real money rewards for the best of the best. Imagine how far will players push their skills and tactics to get their hands on that kind of money? We are sure to see some mad FIFA skills on tournaments in the future.

Another improvement presented at Gamescom is the Squad Building Challenges feature in Ultimate Team. It allows you to build up the starting eleven with just two nationalities and a chemistry of over 60 which gives you a chance to get FIFA 17 rewards. The mod forces you to play with unknown mediocre players and upgrade their skills. In previous games, players with low grades were often useless and were released as soon as possible.

The brand new Ultimate Team legend cards are collected by players as the game progresses. Legendary players like Paul Scholes, Juan Sebastian Veron, Carles Puyol, and Marc Overmars can be unlocked, as well as the usual superstars like George Best, Pele, and van Basten. They will let you build up an ultimate team.


The brand new FIFA 17 trailer was released at Gamescom, and it was greeted with high expectations. The new trailer shows some of the best moments of FIFA 17, including shots on goal, player celebrations, improved graphics, and Lionel Messi’s new blonde haircut! Blur’s Song 2 is featured in the trailer, which made it special for all veteran FIFA fans because that was a song from FIFA 98’s soundtrack.

The possibility to win large prize pots has created a big fuzz about FIFA 17 which was released on September 29 for Xbox One, PC, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. Players from the entire globe are already working on their skills, perfecting their tactics, and improving their players to be ready to face the toughest opponents and win the million dollar prize! Do you have what it takes to become the new FUT Champion? Get the game today and become the world’s best FIFA 17 player!

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