FIFA 17 Chemistry Guide- Maximize Your Effectiveness

With new FIFA game released on both consoles and PC, players can really enjoy in quality matches with their friends online. This means that you can compete with other online players and for this, you’ll need a strong team. That is of course if you’re a type of player that insist on winning every time they enter an online match.

But how do you ensure that you are victorious on each match? One way to guarantee success is to pay attention to chemistry in FIFA 17. Strong chemistry is one of, if not the most important, elements when creating the ultimate team.


To be the undisputed champion in FIFA 17, you have to know the ins and outs of your team, as well as each player’s qualities and how they behave on the field. If you’re still new to this concept of creating the ultimate football team, you’re in the right place to improve your knowledge. So let’s start with the fundamentals.

What is chemistry in FIFA 17

Did you notice that the lines that connect your players on the setup screen aren’t of the same color? This is because they indicate how strong the chemistry is between two players. There can be three types of lines. The red one indicates that you should find a better position for that player as he’s completely off his actual spot.

Yellow or orange one means that you’re getting closer but that you didn’t quite yet place him in the right spot. Green one means that he is in his designated position and that he’ll perform to the best of his abilities. The goal here is to get as many green lines as you can.

This can be arranged by picking players from the same country or team of playing. So pay attention to the country of origin when buying players. If you can get your team to max out the chemistry, you’ll be almost unbeatable.

Building your chemistry up

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when creating a formation is whether your players have alternate positions. If you found the perfect formation for your team, but there are a couple of badly placed players decreasing your overall chemistry, you can switch them up.

Find players that have at least two positions where they can be places without affecting chemistry. This being said you can really organize your team and focus on building your chemistry. No more red lines, no more players performing with a handicap.


Everything that you need to do is rearrange them in a specific order so that you have green lines connecting them. So invest some time in organizing your team, and make sure that the chemistry is as good as it gets. Without this, you’ll be just another team ready be defeated in an online match.

There was a lot of discussion about the influence of chemistry in this game. And although some suggest that it’s not the most important thing in FIFA 17, no one can deny that it doesn’t affect player’s abilities.

Coins and team management

There is another thing almost equally important as chemistry in FIFA 17. Wondering what it is? Well, coins, of course. Coins act as the main resource in this game. The more coins you have, the better players you can buy and improve your team. But it’s not easy to get a decent amount of gold and start transferring players.

Earning a considerable amount of coins can’t be done without breaking a sweat. Or can it? Actually, there are ways, as some suggest, to get free FIFA coins almost instantly. All you need to do is open your browser, look it up, find a decent server, and start getting your coins!

It’s as easy as that, and once you get them, you can use that virtual fortune to improve and modify your team, buy new players, and so much more. Coins can transform your average team into the ultimate FIFA 17 team that is virtually unbeatable.

Bring balance to the team

Did you ever found yourself in a tough spot when trying to rearrange players to improve charisma? If you did everything you could to get those green connecting lines, but your charisma still didn’t get any boost, it’s time to head to market. First thing’s first. Find players that are most compatible and flexible in positioning.

If they have more than one default position, you should keep them. If they have higher scores without charisma bonus, you should keep them as well. Basically everyone that has some quality is a keeper. You’re looking to replace those players that don’t have a high overall score on their card and affect the whole chemistry.


Once you’ve located those players, head to the market and search for new players compatible with the remaining ones in your team. Make sure that you check their nationality as well as the team that they are usually playing for.

This will ensure that they are highly compatible with their new teammates and that they’ll boost your chemistry. Knowing how this can affect your whole team’s performance, take a look at every single stat when buying a new player and bringing him in your formation.

Different combinations

Try to combine their attributes, and compensate where you lack the most. For example, if you have players with lower stamina on the left side of the field, you can easily fix that. Place someone compatible with them with high stamina, and you’ll get a considerable boost on stats.

This tactic can be used to improve your team in many ways. Just imagine the possibilities. The important thing is to understand how chemistry works, and by now you should have a pretty clear picture. All that remains for you to ensure your victory every time you enter an online match is prepare a good strategy. But that is another topic.

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