What do We Expect from FIFA 18

Game developers invest a lot of time and effort into the careful planning of every game concept they create. There are several aspects that they need to adhere to before they can even start with the development. Each genre has its own gaming audience.

Therefore, each game individually must present that genre in the best possible light, should they expect it to be any successful. Just like any other game, sports games like FIFA introduces new features each year, with every edition of the game.


There was a lot of improvement over the year, both in features and graphics. But what do we expect from the next edition of FIFA?

More secure servers

Latest edition from FIFA games presented us with a neat concept of online competition, where players can create the ultimate team before they compete online. Transfers allowed us to buy and sell players and customize and upgrade our favorite teams before it’s ready for online play.

But there is one crucial problem that makes online competitive mode impossible and literally unplayable. Due to poor server connection and maintenance issues online matches in FIFA 17 are constantly interrupted, where players get kicked from the match, have problems with lag and consistency which affects the overall experience that the game provides.


This is definitely something that we don’t want in the next edition. If EA intends to get any attention from the next edition of FIFA their biggest priority should be fixing the servers and connectivity issues. Without this, the game will lose its gaming audience and overall score. And this is something that no one wants.

Improvement of the penalty system

The biggest disappointment in this year’s edition of the best soccer game is the penalty system. Not only that it’s impossible to score a goal sometimes, but it’s also hilarious how the players behave wen performing something as simple as shooting on a goal from 11 meters distance.

If the developers thought that making a penalty system more complicated will help the game get more positive critique, or that it will attract more fans to this genre, they were wrong. Not only that it’s disappointingly hard to score from a penalty, but it also ruins the atmosphere that the game such as this should provide.

Absurdly sensitive power bars

So you’re going closer to the opponent’s team goal, you’re way past their defense, and the only thing you need to do now is press a button and direct the ball towards the goal. Unfortunately, this won’t suffice. You’ll need to pay attention to how long you hold the button assigned for shooting.


Apparently, EA Games thought it would be fun if the power bar is extremely sensitive. Missing a goal from short distance only because the power bar is too sensitive is an issue that FIFA fans expect fixed in the next edition.

It’s as simple as that because there is nothing more disappointing than sending the ball sky high when you’re way ahead of their defense line and the only thing that stands in front you is a powerless goalkeeper.

No more glitches

In FIFA 17 the developers used Frostbite engine for the first time in sport games, and it turned out to be a surprisingly clever decision. The same engine that made Battlefield and Mirrors Edge series so popular, contributes so much to improving the atmosphere in this game.

However, it created a couple of issues as well. Apparently, players are experiencing glitches in FIFA that ruin not only the atmosphere on the field, but also affect the game.

Setting aside how fun it is to watch player’s limbs twist and twirl every other time the ball passes next to them, these glitches are dangerously affecting the game to that extent that loyal fans of FIFA series are giving up on playing the game. Apparently this something that neither the developers not the audience want to see in FIFA 18.

Exploitable coins and points reward system

FIFA should be all about how good you are at managing a team, perfecting your skills on the field, and upgrading your players and strategies. One thing that helps players upgrade their team is the resource in FIFA 17.


Unfortunately, this system of gaining rewards from various achievements and challenges can be easily exploited. To get FIFA coins and buy the ultimate, legendary players with stats above the roof, you only need to watch a couple of videos on YouTube and find a fix for acquiring virtually unlimited coins and points.

Skill alone should determine how good you are in FIFA games, not coins, not points and definitely not how good you are at googling for answers online.

The referees and their decisions

It seems that there are too many unnecessary decisions from referees in FIFA 17 that can ruin the pace of the game. Every time a player bumps onto another player on the field, there is a possibility that a referee will call it a foul.

And there is nothing wrong with this when the opposing team’s player was aiming to physically stop the player rather than outplay him. It’s fairly simple.


If a player is heading for the ball, it’s not a foul. If, however, a player deliberately aims to harm another player either by aggressively sliding or by kicking the player or otherwise changing his path, it’s an obvious foul.

The referees in FIFA 17 don’t seem to understand this simple concept of what foul is. If FIFA 18 has the same issues with referees, fouls and oversensitive players, it won’t be too much of a successful football game. Football is not a ballet, but a game of stamina, skills and sturdy athletes.

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